I'm Gurvir

Based in Toronto, Ontario, I am a Creative Lead and Graphic Designer renowned for my commitment to simplicity and a less-is-more design philosophy. In a visual landscape cluttered with noise, my focus is on delivering efficient and digestible messaging that captivates and resonates.

The showcased projects on this platform represent just a glimpse, a mere 2%, of the extensive body of work I've crafted throughout my career. From Brand Identity and Logo design to UI/UX and Packaging, I have a versatile portfolio that encompasses a wide range of creative endeavors.

Beyond the realm of design, I immerse myself in continuous research of the latest market and design trends. This dedication ensures that I provide our clients with easily-executable and innovative solutions that stand out in a dynamic market.

Away from the computer screen, you'll find me at the dog park, accompanied by my two pugs and a great dane. I believe in balancing work with moments of joy and relaxation. As a fan of UFC, soccer, video games, superhero movies, YouTube, Netflix, and TV, I draw inspiration from diverse sources to infuse creativity into every project.

Let's embark on a journey where design meets innovation, simplicity meets impact, and your vision meets its creative expression.

Contact Me: gurvirbasanti7@gmail.com