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Be You is a platform designed to help LGBTQ+ individuals overcome challenges they may face in their lives. It offers various resources, plans, and strategies to help the community deal with problems such as coming out to their parents, being bullied, facing homelessness, navigating life as newcomers, and dealing with racism, among others. Be You aims to assist as many people as possible to live confidently and happily as their authentic selves. The platform is driven by the goal of bringing a smile to its users' faces.


The challenge was to create two deliverables that would support the LGBTQ+ South Asian community and other individuals with language, culture, or religion barriers who are new to the country or struggling to find help. Specifically, the aim was to create a solution for individuals who need assistance to come out and connect with others who share their language, background, or interests.


After thorough research, it was determined that the best way to reach these individuals is through magazines or phone applications, which they can access privately and safely. These magazines and apps will offer guidance and support for the LGBTQ+ community by providing news, information about friendly places, events, articles, counseling, and other resources.

Brand IdentityUI/UXEditorial Design


Concept Map

A concept map is a way to visually display the relationships between different concepts, ideas, and pieces of information. Concept maps are hierarchical, with one main idea or focus question and several sub-topics, key concepts, and related ideas. 

KWHL Table

K-W-H-L CHART is a graphic organizer that tracks what a user knows (K), what a user wants to know (W), how a user will find the information, and what he has learned (L) about a topic. It is used before, during, and after reading a text and conducting research. 


The Eras Map provides historical perspectives on various features of different eras or periods. Understanding how different things have changed over time gives you a more complete picture of the whole and ideally you can anticipate how, in relation to your challenge, things will evolve. 

Fast Idea Generator

The Fast Idea Generator Tool works best when you have already identified the issue that you want to address, be it a problem, challenge or opportunity. It will help you to broaden your thinking and create discussion among stakeholders to test ideas in depth before committing time and other resources to developing a detailed solution. 

Media Research

Media research tools helped us figure out how to reach our target audience. It comprises different media tools such as news, magazines, academic journals, trade publications, and books.

All the Information collected before starting the design process


The challenge of designing this logo was to incorporate rainbow colors into the typography. Some possible options included a unicorn with a triangle, a circle with rainbow colors and typography, or adding a rainbow on top of the letter "w". 


We decided on a final logo that features a heart with rainbow colors. The rainbow colors symbolize the LGBTQ+ community. The cracks within the colors have a dual representation. Firstly, they represent the everyday challenges and struggles that LGBTQ+ individuals go through which can leave them feeling broken-hearted. Secondly, the cracks also represent how these challenges can make them stronger and more resilient, just like diamonds are formed under intense pressure. 


Generating keywords is one of the most

efficient ways to begin the journey of not

only creating concepts for the logo itself,

but for understanding and really getting

to grips the brand and the client. 


Brand Guidelines

Screenshot of Brand Guidelines

Font Choices

The font choices for this project are Montserrat and Work Sans. 


Montserrat was selected because it aligns with the brand’s message and keywords, which are dedication, care, light, clean, etc. It is a simple yet bold font that can be used in various styles such as italics, thin, extra light, etc. 

Work Sans

Work Sans was chosen because it is a versatile font that works well on both print and digital media. It represents the brand’s values and keywords, which are clean, simple, neutral, and inviting.

Color Palette

The color palette for this project is designed to be neutral, clean, and thoughtful, taking into account the sensitivity of the subject matter and the brand keywords.

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