Editorial Design


The objective was to create an Annual report based on the year's theme.


Inditex is a fashion company that owns big brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull&bear, etc. They wanted to create an Annual report for their brand that is clean, simple, and relates to their identity. The goal was to keep it minimal with creative imagery and plenty of white space to make the information more exciting.


To achieve this, I created tables for financial reports and balance sheets, timelines for company history, line graphs for an overview, and used a very light greyish-blue color to make things stand out. They approved the design and appreciated the final output.

Annual ReportInformation Design


Exploring grids to find what best suits the layout of this annual report.


This section contains mood boards, style research, information design graphs, etc. It is crucial to complete this section before starting the designing process to determine how you will present your design. 


Generating keywords is one of the most

efficient ways to begin the journey of not

only creating concepts for the logo itself,

but for understanding and really getting

to grips the brand and the client. 

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