Logo Design Project


They wanted me to create a logo for their upcoming festival.


Team Lumiere reached out to me after checking my work on Behance. Their requirements were that the logo should be in a geometric shape that somehow represents their festivals and should have a type with it. Also, they wanted to use that shape in the event's different aspects. They wanted their logo to be bright but not too bright and something that could make a statement in a very confident manner.


After discussing, we agreed to go with a triangular 3D shape because it replicates the style of their lighting pattern. We chose green for the color, which is a great mixture of bright colors but not too bright. Additionally, green makes a statement because it represents healing, generosity, relaxation, etc. We used shapes in different colors to represent the role of the team, departments, areas, etc.

Logo DesignBranding


3d Triangle replicating the style of their lights. 





Generating keywords is one of the most

efficient ways to begin the journey of not

only creating concepts for the logo itself,

but for understanding and really getting

to grips the brand and the client. 

ConfidentHealing GenerosityRelaxationBold


For the font choices, we went with Eurostyle font, which has a very geometric style that stands out and makes a bold statement just like the geometric logo. 

SF Pro Display

SF Pro because it is very natural and flexible, which works well in body copy, footers, captions, etc. Moreover, it also has a round variant that works with geometric shapes.