Hair Product


The primary objective was to create a unique brand name and product design that is premium, natural, and organic, free from harmful ingredients, and stands out from the rest of the competition.


The challenge was to find a unique and eye-catching name that reflects the brand's values and products. Additionally, the packaging should be distinctive, portraying a premium, natural, organic, and malleable texture, and stand out from the rest of the competition.


With the aim of creating a memorable brand name, we settled on OH Hair. The word OH is catchy and represents the brand's initials, On Hair. To make the packaging unique, we opted for tin cans instead of conventional glass or plastic jars. The bold typeface on the sides emphasizes the brand's promise of creating bold hairstyles. 

PackagingBrand Identity




Generating keywords is one of the most

efficient ways to begin the journey of not

only creating concepts for the logo itself,

but for understanding and really getting

to grips the brand and the client. 

Premium NaturalCleanOrganicMalleable


The logo comprises a square with the letters 'OH' inside it. The square is a symbol of protecting hair from harmful ingredients, while the letter 'o' represents the word 'on' and the letter 'h' stands for hair. The line in the middle of the square represents the different types of hairstyles you can achieve using the balanced, protective, and healthy product - from simple to extreme. 

Color Palette

We used pastel color palettes to represent the brand's natural and organic values without harmful chemicals or residue.

Green: Safety, Natural

Pink: Playful and Healthy

Blue: Commitment, Honesty


Acumin Variable Concept

We selected the Acumin variable font that matches the product and is rational and balanced in technical terms. We used it for both body and heading text, leveraging its different body weights and variations.